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To start I just came back from Deerfield, New Hampshire where my sister Jessica, was in a horse show  she came in Reserved Champion! that is second place for you non- horse peeps.  It was an incredible class with eight other horses! Jess has been riding for over 20 years and she has not showed in a few years! So last night when she showed this 8 year old horse for the first time ( not Jess the horse) I heard the horse was kinda  jumpy and skiddish – I am thinking it had something to do with a muddy track since it rained all day – But today they came in 2nd place! and for you non-horse peeps – its is because of the rider not  the horse!  BIG CONGRATS TO JESS!

So I am inspired from being around horses all day to let you know that I would give up my life of keeping criminals in order and crafting on the side to be Ree Drummond @ The Pioneer Women please check out her blog- she does it all, she writes, cooks, home schools her children and has a great husband she fondly ref errs to as the Marlboro Man! oh and her photography is incredible – below are just a few images from her blog! I could easily give up working in the city! and living a life on a farm! Now if I could only find my own Marlboro Man!JUNE 2009 POSTS


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