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To start I just came back from Deerfield, New Hampshire where my sister Jessica, was in a horse show  she came in Reserved Champion! that is second place for you non- horse peeps.  It was an incredible class with eight other horses! Jess has been riding for over 20 years and she has not showed in a few years! So last night when she showed this 8 year old horse for the first time ( not Jess the horse) I heard the horse was kinda  jumpy and skiddish – I am thinking it had something to do with a muddy track since it rained all day – But today they came in 2nd place! and for you non-horse peeps – its is because of the rider not  the horse!  BIG CONGRATS TO JESS!

So I am inspired from being around horses all day to let you know that I would give up my life of keeping criminals in order and crafting on the side to be Ree Drummond @ The Pioneer Women please check out her blog- she does it all, she writes, cooks, home schools her children and has a great husband she fondly ref errs to as the Marlboro Man! oh and her photography is incredible – below are just a few images from her blog! I could easily give up working in the city! and living a life on a farm! Now if I could only find my own Marlboro Man!JUNE 2009 POSTS


bread & lily, newton, ma

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I would like to give a shout out to my friends Katie (great old friend from high school)  and Ben (Katie’s fabulous husband)!!!!!

Ben and his brothers, The Cutlers just open their new Cafe! But it is sooo much more than that!  First of all- they have incredible homemade ice cream, cookies, cupcakes and other sweets!  They even sell the cookie batter frozen to take home and bake yourself!  Which I did! Ohhh I did not have time to take pics because they were gone in seconds! yes seconds! Did I mention the homemade ice cream!!! at least 8 different flavors the day I was there and they sell it to gooooooo! Ya – take some home!

They have food that is so comforting, yummy and sophisticated!  You can create your own sandwiches, tons of toppings, breads, and meats! They have soups and salads! I had the gazpacho! soooo fresh and with  grilled watermelon! Props to the Chef! All of the salads are made to order!

They have prepared entrees and a  grab and go section! For the prices you pay at the local supermarket! YOU need to stop in here instead and get it FRESH!

I had the steak sandwich, which was delicious and they came with sweet potato chips! ohhh soo crispy thin! yum!

the space inside is great but with this summer here make sure you have your lunch on the patio and enjoy the super good eats!

Congrats to the Cutler Brothers for a job well done! I wish you continued success! Cheers!


this economy sucks! June 7, 2009

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to all my friends that love home decorating stores, I am sad to tell you that my friend Ellen’s store is going out of business! Madison James is located at 222 Webster street in Hanover, MA and she has great items that need to go! She is having a 50% off sale and has incredible finds! All sorts of Christmas stuff, mirrors, plates, candles, all sorts of bedding and ribbon galour!

for directions –