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klovedesigns’ shared items on google reader January 18, 2009

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for my gals that are not familiar with Google reader it is a page for you to visit all your favorite blogs… so you need is an account with Google  go to “reader”  and simply start  adding  your favorite blogs and every time your fav blog adds a new post it goes to your Google reader!!!  this is my Google reader page! all stuff that i want to share with my friends … click on the logo below to visit the page! and have fun and make your own!



stock the bar party January 9, 2009

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this post is for my friends Lex and Ayanna!!

they are having a “stock the bar” party in a couple of weeks and I think these are some good ideas!

the first pic is bottles of vodka frozen in ice of course from Martha and she even has a video to show you how to do it ! click on the pic for the link! the second pic is the essential for setting up the bar and she has a video for that too!


my other fav idea is to go to a local stationery store and order paper cocktial napkins that you can personalize!


waiting to move in to my new place January 6, 2009

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i can’t get my thoughts straight to decorate my place – I need a couch and maybe a new bedroom set on a very limited budget!!! augh! and of course I can’t decide on anything -sooo not me – hence i’ve been searching and found a few new sites my new fav designer is elements of style newbanner2and decorology – i love this site – sooo me!