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out running around December 19, 2008

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While I was running errands this week, I went into one of my favorite stores, Madison James Home for a little holiday cheer!


I was so luck to meet Kristen Taylor from TAYLOR MADE designs.


She is the creative genius behind TAG IT, and Taylor Made Designs, please stop by her Etsy store and her fabulous blog.

I can see from Kristen’s blog we share similar interests like Oreo truffles and Stationery!

KrisTEN, Thanks for the inspiration! Cheers!


stuck at home in a snow storm

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I think this is a good time to get back into the swing of putting up some posts before I need to take a break again. I will be moving soon and will need to pack up the PC and get things settled. I am looking forward to making a before and after page of my new digs. At least something to look forward to…with that said… I have been trying to figure out a clever way to decorate my walls… I’m going to paint them but I want something grand to put on my  wall.  First I wanted to hang some wallpaper in a  huge square and frame it with casing ( as seen in the yellow and white  below). But I don’t want the mess of putting up wallpaper and putting casing on the wall that  would have come down some day. So, I thought of stretched canvas prints… when we were kids my mother had great designs on her stretched canvas. One was a huge strawberry print done with an orange background and the red and greens in it were sooo vibrant.  I have no luck of falling in love with any designs that are out there… plus wall paper is  in right now! I have been trying to think of clever ways I could put this up with out making a mess and I found KIM MYLES from Myles of Style that did a segment on the Today Program. She is so smart and clever.  She took canvas, double side tack paper and wallpaper and put them all together and hung them up in a large group.  That may have to work for now! click on the 2nd pic for the video! flickr-comkim-myles


favorite rooms December 8, 2008

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sorry its been a little while since I’ve posted…getting ready to move and I’ve been looking for some inspiration!