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the meaning of cool…….. September 28, 2008

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I love this photo…Paul Newman is the most iconic person in American Cinema. He will he sorely missed!


omg – i love this idea September 19, 2008

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thanks to Craft Magazine, this great blog bread & honey, has the greatest idea… campfire cakes… hollow out an orange, pour cake batter, wrap in foil and bake!! check out the recipe…click on the pic for the link


HP freebies … sooo much fun!!! September 13, 2008

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Hewlett-Packard as sooo many fun printable designs – cards, luggage tags, and tags and labels for you and your children… please check them out… sooo cute


I’m in the mood for Chinese…

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another freebie design from For the love of paper … great idea


free halloween downloads…

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For all my gals that love Halloween…

this is a new (to me) site I found called templettes … it has great ideas and projects on this site I found another called Matthew Mead most of the downloads here are from his site… Thanks Matt Mead! I would suggest you use card stock for some of the designs!! Please check out the page for more ideas!!!

candy bar wrapper owl garland jack-o-lantern faces


easy chocolate croissants September 7, 2008

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as always I am always looking for ways to help my girls keep it simple and easy …this recipe from Real Simple is sooo easy… great for a brunch idea…


real simple bathroom makeovers!

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In the July 2008 Real Simple Magazine is an article called “can these bathrooms be saved?” I think it was a great article for anyone buying a “fixer-upper” home or renting an older apartment with a little sweat equity and money still in your pocket to have a modern bathroom! The blue/green one is my favorite!