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real simple has done it again July 20, 2008

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these ideas are sooooo clever….

the first one is using clear ponytail elastics to keep your flowers in place- the other ideas are smart new uses for old things.. instead of using the travel sauce cups from your tupperwear set -use travel size bottle to hold your dressing. The coolest one .. no pun intended- is making for making your own cold gel pack- take one part rubbing alcohol and three parts water in a resealable plastic bag overnight in the freezer for a soft gel pack! cool right!


more magazine favs

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this is for the crafty gals… from real simple solutions


glamour magazine

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glamour magazine, one of my new subscriptions had this fabulous layout for “20 things you’ll ever need to know how to cook” I just love the way this looks and I think it is handy for all my girls learning how to cook! click on the link above to the website


rooms i love

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these are some rooms that i love


quick fixes for the girls on the go

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according to Glamour magazine, their “how to do anything better guide”

stop jewelry from turning green on your fingers put clear nail polish on the the inside of the ring!

if your zipper is stuck, rub a pencil on the teeth of the zipper… the graphite is a lubricant on metal!

and while you are making your fabulous martinis take a shot glass of vodka and stick your dull diamonds in the glass to add some sparking to the lifeless duds!