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flowers March 31, 2008

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these are my favorite flowers- anything white with some greens!


cool site for little yummies!

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Bakerella is a website that I found for a couple of little treats – they are easy to make, the nutterbutter and oreo truffles are a great idea for a bake sale! I have made these numerous times. sooo yummy!


good ideas from martha

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i love these ideas-during the summer I plant a herb garden with my mother, she uses the herbs in her cooking and I like to make bouquets out of them! How clever is the ice bowls. Another quick idea is to put flowers or fruit like cherries in ice cubes, to freshen up your cocktail!   click here for another smart idea for a party idea from Martha!



for girls on the go!

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I thought of a great idea for my girls on the go! Recycle perfume magazine pages. First don’t open them! Cut down the side close to the opening, cut smaller pieces from the strip then place them in a small baggies and before you know it you have all sorts of perfume pages you can take anywhere with you. Freshen up before a meeting, after the gym, or while you are powdering your nose!! Grab a sharpie and mark your baggie, I forget which is which after a while!



nana’s hankies March 30, 2008

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I have another obsession – collecting hankies These hankies can be found at any flea market for a couple of dollars. Simply scan this into the computer and print it on a sheet of contact paper and cover a small box for a gift. this is a pretty little thing…



recycle, reuse!

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I found this idea on Martha Stewart’s web page. It calls for a little sewing and my machine is broken, so I used fabric glue instead! Give it a try! Basically you need to find an old t-shirt that you want to use as a bag! follow the instructions on Martha’s page and its a great idea for groceries, clothes, carrying odd objects like my wrapping paper!


recipe to share

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This is from an old In Style mag, I love this salad! They have it at Burtons in Hingham, MA

The second is from Redbook, a Jamie Oliver recipe.